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Hi, my name is David and I've been obsessed with hurling since I was 6 years old. I'm originally from Dublin, Ireland, and have been living in North America since 2011.


I’ve taken on a mission to promote hurling in North America. I created Play Hurling as a way to spread the Irish sport hurling to a global audience through online videos.


What is hurling?


Hurling is a 3000-year-old stick sport and Ireland’s national sport. Within the US and Canada, there are 130+ clubs and that list continues to grow. There are new clubs popping up all over North America.


It’s fast-paced like lacrosse, requires the same level of hand-eye coordination as baseball, and has the toughness of hockey. Hurling features the best elements of major North American sports, so there is something that everyone can relate to.

Here are 5 quick reasons why you should play:


1) What you've learned in basketball, baseball, football, golf, lacrosse, hockey, and tennis, you can apply to hurling.


2) Hurling is considered to be the fastest field sport in the world. The fastest shot ever recorded was 112 mph by TJ Reid in 2014.


3) Hurling equipment is cheaper than other major North American stick sports.

4) Hurling is the perfect complementary sport. Stay fit during the off-season of your primary sport with hurling!

5) Nothing is more Irish than hurling. Love Irish culture? You should be playing hurling!


Ok, so if you’ve read this far, I’ve obviously convinced you to play hurling!

David, over and out!

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